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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare has been released for about a month now and we finally have enough hands on time to fairly review this title, despite all the negative feedback already published about the game. For me, the initial trailer really killed the buzz for this game, due to being so visually unappealing, even to most die-hard fans of the franchise. The second trailer was definitely a lot better, but not enough to bring back all of the potentially lost customers turned off by a poor initial marketing campaign. Infinity Ward nor Activision didn’t even seem to care about the negative feedback from the gaming community and took their sweet time to respond to the community’s concerns. It took over a million dislikes on youtube, for it to click in their brains that the game is not being received well by the public, so…maybe it’s time to do some damage control. That lack of attentiveness just shows how little respect the franchise has for its consumers nowadays and maybe they feel that they are too big to fail, but hopefully the backlash and low sales have brought this dying franchise back to reality.

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare showed potential of being a groundbreaking game for the franchise, but failed to deliver. Its campaign is created with the same old formulas and slow paced linear mechanics of the last few Call of Duty titles. Having to succumb to the AI’s snail pace is really frustrating at times, especially since most gamers know that just by running to the next area of the map triggers the accompanying AI to clear out all of the enemies. So, you can effortlessly run through a mission without much effort or participation from your controlled character in most cases. On the plus side, the graphics are amazing along with the character models and environments found within the campaign. The new flight combat in space is well-executed; flying around in the UNSA’s Jackals is one of the few memorable parts of the campaign. The introduction of a new arsenal and gadgets is always exciting, I just wish that the campaign would do it at a faster pace. There is also a new upgrade to the HUD display, which shows the player all the enemies killed or critically injured by a grenade. This allows for easy clean up and tracking of enemies near death that have moved to new cover to avoid being killed. There are a few other cool moments in the campaign that are fun and will give you false hope that the game is about to get better… but it doesn’t.


The multiplayer is even more disappointing than the campaign and may be even worse than Call of Duty: Ghosts. It’s very unfortunate that the studio who revolutionized first person shooters years ago and made Call of Duty the brand what it is today put out such an awful product. Infinity Ward pretty much copy & pasted everything from Treyarch’s Black Ops 3 multiplayer, made a few minor changes and scaled down the customization. There’s nothing innovative or inspiring about the multiplayer. The salvage system basically screams pay-to-win and I wouldn’t be surprised if microtransactions sneaked their way into the multiplayer for this holiday season. Even though there isn’t an option to buy salvage yet, the foundation is already set to offer it very soon. The progression system is purposely drawn out into a painful grind, which makes you pray for a faster option and the answer to your prayers will most likely be microtransactions. Besides being another money grabbing platform, the multiplayer weapon system is imbalanced, the movement is slow, maps are overly colorful and too busy, which literally gave me a headache the first couple days of playing it. The RIGS system is a step back from Black Ops 3 and really could have been left out of the game entirely.


The Zombies in Spaceland multiplayer mode could have been packaged separately as its own game – Yes, it is that good. This is probably the only thing the franchise has consistently done right for the past few years. I love the 80’s horror movie themed map, along with the music which sets the perfect ambiance for the game. You will randomly start as one of four zany characters with a limited amount of cash and will have to kill zombies to earn enough money to buy better weapons, open new areas of the map or refill the ammo of your current weapons. At first, you will be totally lost (I certainly was) on what to do and where to go. There are tips here and there in the game but, not enough to make it seem too linear or restricted. You will eventually learn from other players in co-op mode, exploration and interacting with items within the environment. Dying is also quite a blast because you are warped to an afterlife arcade that allows you to play mini-games to get your life back. Some of the mini-games that are included (but not limited to) in the arcade are skeeball, basketball & water-pistol shooting. This is kind of a distraction (but fun, nonetheless) and makes you not feel guilty for dying or leaving your teammates to struggle with one less player against hordes of zombies.



Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare probably wouldn’t sell without the help of its Legacy Edition. Infinite Warfare shouldn’t even be considered an AAA title, because it fails to compete with the new leaders of first-person shooters, such as Battlefield 1, Overwatch & Titanfall 2. To be honest , it couldn’t even compete with a game released nine years ago, which comes bundled with it – Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. The best thing about the title was Zombies in Spaceland which could be its own separate franchise. The campaign was decent, but boring and offered nothing innovative and fun to really stand out against the competition.

5.3 Reviewer
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Superb Graphics
New Weapons & Gadgets
Upgraded HUD
Space Combat
Zombies in Spaceland
Dismissable Multiplayer
Extremely Slow Progression System
Boring Campaign
Pay-to-win Multiplayer Aspects
It’s Microtransaction Ready
Game Play5
Replay Value2
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