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    This is a walkthrough of the Titanfall 2 campaign, mission: BT-7274. This is technically the second mission of the campaign, but this is where the story actually begins and the training ends.

    After defeating Brute, Rifleman Jack Cooper inside BT-7274 decides to continue with Captain Tai Lastimosa’s mission and rendezvous with Major Anderson. Along the way, Cooper encounters IMC Titans engaged in battle with Militia pilots.

    After defeating Kane, Cooper and BT head into a cave containing a large factory. But during reconnaissance, BT is captured and Cooper must rescue him before time runs out.

    Cooper is now reunited with BT-7274 and managed to defeat Ash and her Titan. Now Cooper & BT must rendezvous at the coordinates set for Major Anderson.

    Major Anderson was found dead, so now Cooper & BT are tasked with his last objective, which was to provide intel to Commander Sarah Briggs. Cooper must now figure out how to re-establish contact with the Militia Fleet & retrieve the Arc tool.

    After defeating Richter, Cooper’s next mission is to stop the IMC from taking the ARC- Fold Weapon away from the Planet Typhon.

    Cooper, Sarah Briggs and the Militia Soldiers are in hot pursuit of the Arc; BT & Cooper must fight to board the Draconis ship in mid-air before it escapes.

    This is the ninth and final mission of Titanfall 2’s single-player campaign. Cooper and BT are captured by Blisk and all he needs is the Arc. After getting what he wants from BT, you are left with no other option but to storm the Fold Weapon’s injection facility, defeat Slone and get to the Evac Point.

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