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So, I finally decided to give this game a chance after automatically dismissing it after playing the beta. Not to mention the minimalistic effort of the first Titanfall also subconsciously weighed heavy on my decision to not support this sequel. But, after almost a month of playing this game alongside other first-person shooters such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1, I have to admit that this is the best shooter out on the market right now. I can now forgive Respawn for releasing the original Titanfall with a $60  price tag without any type of single player campaign and a repetitive (but fun) multiplayer-only experience.  Titanfall 2 is now the new the king of first person shooters and has jumped light years ahead of the Call of Duty franchise, which used be the number one shooter on the market.

“Titanfall 2 is now the new the king of first person shooters”

Titanfall 2’s campaign concept is a fresh and exciting one. You are a wanna be pilot (Jack Cooper) who is currently in training, but is forced to step up and learn on the fly as things go haywire during training. The campaign levels are well designed and allow players to make use of the game’s awesome movement mechanics and pilot abilities. The campaign offers about six hours of gameplay for the average gamer. Although the campaign is linear, the levels are so well designed that the game feels as if it’s an open world adventure. There may be times when players will be unsure on which path to take to get to the next objective, because there will be multiple paths available, but not to worry just activate your holographic ghost runner to see the best path and how to navigate through it. There are also environmental dangers to look out for in Titanfall 2 such as, extreme weather, hazardous waste, lethal electrical discharges & etc. that serve as obstacles within the campaign. The environmental dangers further add to the survivalist aspect and feel of the main campaign. The graphics, character models and environments are pretty good, but not the best seen in a first person shooter this year.

Titanfall 2’s multiplayer is similar to the last game, but not identical by any means. Imagine Titanfall on steroids and that’s the monster called Titanfall 2. The movement mechanics with the jetpack-jumps, mantling, slides and wall-runs are the fastest and smoothest seen in any first person shooter to date. This is what the Call of Duty franchise has been trying to imitate since Advanced Warfare, but hasn’t come close by any means. The movement mechanics of Titanfall 2 makes it the fastest shooter on the market, but Overwatch is not too far behind. The customization has improved drastically along with the progression system since the original Titanfall, there is also a nice variety of pilot abilities and titan classes to choose from while progressing through the multiplayer ranks.

The one odd thing about the multiplayer that needs to be addressed in the next release, is the way the titans refill their health. I rarely see anyone rodeo-riding an enemy titan to pull out their battery to refill their titan’s health or that of a teammate during a heated battle. It is an ambitious idea for an online shooter, but in practice, it feels like a useless distraction from the main objective. The new multiplayer modes are very well thought out and well executed for Titanfall 2. The new Bounty Hunt mode mixes team deathmatch action with an objective to earn bounties by killing CPU-controlled troops and titans, then deposit your earnings at certain intervals within a small window of time. Your earnings decrease every time you die, so if you missed your deposit window, you run the risk of possibly losing everything before the deposit window pops up.  This game mode is probably one of my favorites because it forces players to constantly switch up their tactics from a deathmatch mentality to picking off stragglers in an attempt to prevent enemy deposits, making deposits or even defending the area for teammates to make their deposits. Some other noteworthy mentions as far as game modes are Amped Hardpoint and Pilots vs Pilots. Pilots vs Pilots is everything Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare tried to be, but failed miserably to execute.


Titanfall 2 was the biggest surprise for me this year and is a definite contender for game of the year. This game is everything the original Titanfall should have been and much more. The combination of pilot and mech is executed to perfection and this is what makes Titanfall 2 stand out from the competition, especially with its superior movement mechanics. The multiplayer GUI could use some work or at the very least a more detailed description onscreen of each game mode for the newcomers to the franchise. But, besides a few minor things the game is perfect and there is very little needed to be fixed for the next installment of the franchise. Many of the changes in Titanfall 2 feel as if they are direct responses to complaints about the first game. This is a sensible move in my opinion because a developer should always try to fix their mistakes and make improvements when necessary to make the best product possible. Some developers forget that it’s the consumer that makes them what they are and if gamers stop supporting their poorly released product eventually their franchise will collapse (i.e. Call of Duty), so Respawn keep up the good work.

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